FRI.02.10 | KILL EMIL a/w Soulgend @BARTIST

Kill Emil is a Hip Hop-Downtempo producer from Athens, Greece. He constructs his sound mainly by using samples while layering electronics on top of them results into something unique.Using a mixed technique of analog samplers and midi controllers in his showcases he manipulates sound with the purpose of creating a personal audio tale for each and everyone, separately, to define and take part in.Shared the stage with : Bonobo,Guts, Quantic and His Combo Barbaro, Ondatropica, Chinese Man, Gramatik,Dub Pistols, Looptroop Rockers, Barry Ashworth, Andy Smith, The Herbalizer and more.killemil@bartist


Soundcloud :
Bandcamp :
Mixcloud :

Discography :

Lights & Shadows,Lp (2014) – Beatquick

The Cat – Beatquick (2014) – Beatquick

Kill Emil & The Yumas (2014) – Frontyard

Broken,Ep (2013) – Dusted Wax Kingdom

Remixed Business,Lp (2013) – Beatquick

Risky Business,Lp (2012) – Beatquick

Re-edits,Compilation (2012)

One Night in Bogota,Ep (2012)

The Corner,Lp (2011) – Beatquick

Remixes :

Ancient Astronauts ft Pharsyde – Classic (2014) – Switchstance
Cayetano – Babylon on Fire (2014) – Pale Sound Records
Frenic – Money Ain’t no Women (2013)

Collaborations :

Pad Trio ( Kill Emil, Billa Qause, J.Melik ) – Raw Sessions (2012) – Beatquick


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